The Drama Cycle
The Drama Cycle is the beating heart of Storytronics. It consists of a set of procedures that are repeated again and again from the moment the story begins and until the moment it ends. One iteration of this cycle is called a Storyminute, and it is the basic unit of time measurement in Storytronics. The Drama Cycle consists of the following steps:

Fate Performs Scheduled Actions

If any Plotpoint is due this Storyminute, Fate performs that Plotpoint. A Reaction Cycle ensues for each such Plotpoint performed. Then, this process is repeated for each Time Alarm set to this Storyminute. See System Verbs.

Action Cycle

An Action Cycle ensues for all Actors who are active, conscious and not occupied. It allows them to perform their Plans. For each such Plan performed, a Reaction Cycle ensues.

Travel Cycle

A Travel Cycle ensues for all Actors who are active, conscious, not occupied and whose DontMoveMe is set to "false". It allows them to make Plans to depart for new Stages.

Fate Performs Triggered Actions

If any Meeting, Prop or Stage Alarms are set, Fate performs any of them whose conditions are met. For each such Alarm performed, a Reaction Cycle ensues. See System Verbs.

The End?

If StoryIsOver is set to "true," the story ends. Otherwise, a new Drama Cycle begins.

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